12th Circom Regional Journalism Training Workshop
Kosice, Slovakia
May 19th to 1st June 2002

Inaugural Thomson Foundation middle management seminar
Timisoara, Romania
2nd - 6th April 2002

South-East Europe Television Journalism Workshop and The CIRCOM Seminar
Budva, Montenegro, March 17th and 24th 2002

Training Hand-over Completed

"CIRCOM Regional's decision to award the training co-ordination to the Thomson Foundation finally came into being when Rick Thompson, the out-going Training Co-ordinator officially "handed over" the administration and tasks to the Thomson team at their headquarters in Cardiff, Wales. The meeting was attended by Rick, Roel Dijkhuis on behalf of CR and by Gareth Price, Ian Masters and Karol Cioma of the Thomson Foundation.

Gareth Price, who will be officially known as the CIRCOM Regional Training Coordinator is clearly delighted with the role that the Thomson Foundation will perform over the next three years. "We in the Thomson Foundation are looking forward to the continuing success and development of CIRCOM Regional Training. Over the past four years Rick Thomson and his team have established the leading journalist training scheme in Europe, and we now have three years to build upon that success. We are excited about what the partnership between CIRCOM Regional and the Thomson Foundation and are looking forward to providing training services for all members of CIRCOM Regional."

Ian Masters, the Director of Broadcasting at the Thomson Foundation with be CIRCOM Regional's Training Supervisor. Ian, an old friend of CIRCOM's, helped organise and participate in training in Iasi and Birmingham. He will be coordinating the style and content of the training and will be building on the network of trainers available to CIRCOM.

Karol Cioma, will be the Project Manager for the training and will be working closely with Gareth, Ian and the CIRCOM Training board to organise the course and facilities. Karol has been an active member of CIRCOM Training for the past 10 years working as the Technical Director on most of the CIRCOM Training courses. His knowledge and experience of CIRCOM Training will be an asset to CIRCOM and the Thomson Foundation.

Courses intended for 2002 include South East Europe journalist training workshop, the annual conference journalist training workshop in Kosice and the News Editors Seminar in Strasbourg. The Thomson Foundation will be contacting all the national coordinators in the near future with further details and content of the training."