13th and 14th April 2004, Brussels

CIRCOM Regional and the European Parliament are jointly organising  a Seminar for 10 new members of EU which will be related to the European elections 2004.

The Seminar should be attended by Journalists or Editors who in your Television organisation report on the elections. The intention of the Seminar is that the participants get to know the functioning of the European Parliament, the importance of the elections, the technical possibilities that are at the disposal to the journalists.

During the Seminar the participants will have the possibility to use  technical capacities for making the reports, free of charge. The European Parliament is trying to arrange a meeting with the President of the European Parliament, Mr Cox, who would answer the questions of the participants-Delegates.

The travel and subsistance expenses of the Delegate from each country will be borne by the European Parliament. The daily allowance has been set at 100 euro. Delegates are kindly requested to arrange their journey by the most economical route.

Travel expenses will only be reimbursed upon presentation of documentary evidence of the sum actually paid (invoice). Delegates are requested to book the hotel accommodation themselves. With the daily allowance (100 euro) the delegates will pay the hotel.

Would you please give the name of your Delegate, soonest possible, to:

CIRCOM Regional
Branka Prazic
tel +385 1 634 3690
fax +385 1 634 3621
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

with a copy to:

Kirsten Tingsted-Andersen
tel +32 2 284 48 17
fax +32 2 230 12 06
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Delegates should have their Press Card with them and they should bring a brief description of how their television organisation intends to cover the European elections.

Since this is the first time that we are making a Seminar together with the European Parliament, you are kindly requested to choose the right candidates, if not from your Regional stations then from the central station. This is of course one additional benefit for CIRCOM Regional.

For any additional question or problem please contact Branka Prazic (+385 1 634 3690) or Marija Nemcic (+385 98 278 194).