NM2008_1The 9th management seminar organized by CIRCOM Regional took place from November 17-21, 2008 in Strasbourg in the ETMA (European Television & Media Management Academy) premises.

Nine editors in chief and head of newsrooms attended this seminar. They came from Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and, for the first time, Malta.

Critical viewing was the core subject for the first two days: analysis of news reports, quality of the pictures and hierarchy of the information, but also the occasion for an extended exchange over the different news programmes from the various countries and over the functioning of the regional newsrooms.

The workshop was run by Didier Désormeaux, head of training for the journalists within the University of France Télévisions.




This year, Global Media was also the core of the exchanges with a cross presentation of SVT’s internet sites (Sweden) and France 3 as well as a reflection on the editorial policy led by these two public televisions to integrate the “new media”. This workshop was led by Christina Agren (head of SVT regional news) and Brigitte Besse (in charge of global media at France 3 Alsace).

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