Five years may seem like a long time, but to two former Circom CESA colleagues, time was immaterial when it came to a news story that affected both of their news departments.

Samantha Libreri, from RTE in Dublin, and Michal Adamski, from TVP in Bydgoszcz in Poland, were still in touch after 5 years on from when they first met on the CIRCOM CESA Summer Academy in 2007

When an Irishman, visiting Poland to follow the Irish team in the Euro 2012 tournament, went missing Samantha and Michal immediately went into action to help each other with the news from both of their perspectives, with Michal making live reports into RTE’s main news programme.

Samantha Libreri

Michal Adamski

Samantha explains:
Michal made contact with me on Facebook to complain  to me for not calling him when I was in Gdansk last week. He said he lived near Bydgoszcz. A few hours later  news broke of an Irish guy gone missing and we were both contacting each other at the same time about it. We requested pictures from them in exchange for interviews with his family and pictures of the missing mans home. Yesterday Michal was interviewed on Morning Ireland, RTE’s flagship radio news programme and on the interview slot of the main 6:1 News Today, he was interviewed via skype for the One o clock TV news and the News at One on radio shortly afterwards. It was Michal who first alerted us that a body had been found. He is also providing great assistance to my colleague Dave Kelly who is on the ground in Poland. Five years on from our CESA experience this shows how important the links we have made are! Michal hasn’t been covering this story for his station but as the one with the best English has become our main point of contact. He has driven coverage of a national story and all because of Circom and Facebook.”

This is just one example of how Circom’s network can benefit individuals and member stations.  If you need contacts abroad get in touch with Circom, we can help, our network works.
Samantha and Michal will continue to co-operate on this tragic story until it reaches a conclusion.  Needless to say, they are both grateful that they have remained friends, and in contact, since that first CESA course 5 years ago.

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