Through it's coproductions, CIRCOM is creating unique opportunities for European regional stations to work together, in spite of the differences in language, cultural background, editorial approaches and TV formats.

In 2010 CIRCOM started developing a new strategy for coproduction and exchange based on the principle that CIRCOM coproduction and exchange will remain as one of the main objectives and benefits in the coming years. Facilitating coproduction and exchanges, precision about the content through “Prix CIRCOM” or transfer of best practice and skills in the fields of coproduction of European wide projects, as well as development of technical exchanges, translation and subtitling, are the main lines of this strategy.

It is clear that the momentum begun in recent years made a significant scale for the next years. The coproduction strategic plan aims to favor co-operation between stations and co-productions which are defined as any programme which is produced as a co-operative venture by two or more regional stations in different states. The subject matters should highlight topics which have wider European interest or which explore cultural similarities or differences between European peoples, states and differing regional and other ethnic cultures. Coproduction needs as well more focused approaches than just being “international” stories.

And, of course, CIRCOM coproduction respects the main rules of public journalism: impartiality and respect of the pluralism; no incitement to hate or racism and exclusion.