RTS - Serbian Broadcasting Corporation
website: www.rts.rs
National Co-ordinator Milorad Lapčević

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Milorad Lapčević

International Relations Dept.
Takovska 10
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
tel: +381 11 321 1653
fax: +381 11 321 1650


RTS-Serbian Broadcasting Corporation has the task of informing, educating and entertaining, but at the same time has a special role in the social, cultural and political life of Serbia.
Three television programmes (24 hour programme): Channel 1, Channel 2 and Digital Channel.
Four radio programmes (24 hour programme), Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3 and Belgrade 202.
With its six programmes – four radio and three television –  satellite programme, a wide network of regional corresponding centres, Teletext and Internet editions, music production (folk, pop music, jazz, symphonic orchestra, choirs and  children choir Kolibri), music production (PGP), publishing, research and documentation centre, RTS has grown into an important establishment of Serbian culture.


Channel 1

Distinctive public service programme intended for the widest audience with high quality content, providing a choice of different popular genres of national significance, reflecting the social, cultural and national diversity in the Republic. This Channel broadcasts daily news  programme, current affairs, debates, a majority of feature and entertainment programmes, with a significant share of domestic production. Also present are programmes treating in a popular way aspects in the domain of science, culture, alongside popular children programmes and top level sport events.  

Ratings: From 2006 RTS Channel 1 is continously the most viewed Serbian television.

Channel 2

The task of this programme is to be a channel of innovation, aiming at the auditorium interested in intelligent, provocative, creative and innovative programmes. The aim of this programme is to ascend the essential interest of the auditorium. Its presents high quality content of educative, documentary, science, feature, children and sport programme and attends new types and genres of specialized thematic programmes.

RTS Digital

RTS-Serbian Broadcasting Corporation has started broadcasting experimental digital signal from 2005 and regular digital broadcasting from November 26th 2008.on RTS Digital, an experimental culture and art programme. This is our first thematical programme and the only culture and art programme in this part of Europe. Besides excellent foreign music programmes broadcast premiere on the territory of Serbia, the admirers of classic and jazz music can enjoy domestic repertoire, live concert broadcast of the RTS Symphonic orchestra, Big band, as well as best recordings of the RTS programme archive. Besides music, film and documentary programmes RTS on its first digital channel broadcasts educational, school and science programmes in the culture domain. Amongs them distinguish programmes about the origin of civilization, history of arhitecture, cultural heritage and development of contemporaty music and film.

RTS Satellite

Intended for our viewers living abroad, of multigenre character consisting of the best programmes from Channel 1 and Channel 2 at the same time has the task of being current, informs, advises of business and all other relevant infomation of interest to our citizens living abroad. The task of this programme is to provide a credible image of events in the homeland, informing them of the possibility of returning, preparing special culture, entertainment, business programmes as well as providing relevant transmission of sport events. The problem is that sport and film licence programmes can't be transmissed by satellite as the cost of such transmission is too high. Besides Europe starting January 1st 2010 Australia and North America  are covered with our signal.

RTS Internet

According to the guidlines of EBU the task of public broadcasting services is to evolve from mono to multimedia organizations, RTS in order to broaden the offer of programme  content is furhermore working on the application of the latest technologies in the Internet domain. RTS on Internet combines all actual Internet options (text, graphic, audio and video streaming). Visitors of the site can follow up TV and radio programmes by Internet, which is of special  importantance for parts of the World without satellite signal coverage.

RTS employs 3.390 altogether and has a network coverage of 95% terrirory of Serbia with 8,5 million inhabitants.

RTS regional corresponding centres:

RTS Studio Valjevo   RTS Studio Vranje
Address: Portoroška bb   Address: Partizanska 17a
14000 Valjevo   17000 Vranje
Tel: +381 14 220-068   Tel: +381 424-945
RTS Studio Vršac   RTS Studio Zječar
Address: Dositejeva 8   Address: Ljube Nešića 38
26300 Vršac   19000 Zaječar
Tel: +381 13 838-788   Tel: +381 19 421-100
RTS Studio Zrenjanin   RTS Studio Jagodina
Address: Partizanska Kralja Aleksandra 2   Address: Lole Ribara 1
23000 Zrenjanin   35000 Jagodina
Tel: +381 23 534-566   Tel: +381 35 244-221
RTS Studio Kikinda   RTS Studio Kragujevac
Address: Nemanjina 1   Address: Dr. Zorana Đinđića
23300 Kikinda   34000 Kragujevac
Tel: +381 230 439-745   Tel: +381 34 330-734
RTS Studio Kraljevo   RTS Studio Kruševac
Address: Dom društvenih organizacija   Address: Topličina 2/10
36000 Kraljevo   37000 Kruševac
Tel: +381 36 233-465   Tel: +381 37 438-707
RTS Studio Leskovac   RTS Studio Loznica
Address: Masarikov trg 7   Address: Vlade Zečevića
16000 Leskovac   15300 Loznica
Tel: +381 16 242-131   Tel: +381 15 891-699
RTS Studio Niš   RTS Studio Novi Pazar
Address: Vojvode Mišića 50   Address: Šbana Koče 89
18000 Niš   36300 Novi Pazar
Tel: +381 18 236-588   Tel: +381 20 317-837
RTS Studio Pančevo   RTS Studio Pirot
Address: Petra Bojovića 2   Address: Dobrice Milutinovića 18
26000 Pančevo   18300 Pirot
Tel: +381 13 355-626   Tel: +381 10 311-910
RTS Studio Požarevac   RTS Studio Prokuplje
Address: Drinska 7   Address: Jug Bogdanova 94
12000 Požarevac   18400 Prokuplj
Tel: +381 12 211-466    
RTS Studio Smederevo   RTS Studio Užice
Address: Karađorđeva bb   Address: Jug Bogdanova 1
11300 Smederevo   31000 Užice
Tel: +381 26 223-135   Tel: +381 31 513-552
RTS Studio Čačak   RTS Studio Šabac
Address: Filipa Filipovića 2   Address: Kneza Lazara 2
32000 Čačak   15000 Šabac
Tel: +381 32 227-551   Tel: +381 15 353-269



RTV - Radio Television of Vojvodina
website: www.rtv.rs
National Co-ordinator Maja Smiljanić

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Maja Smiljanić

Ignjata Pavlasa 3
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
tel: +381 21 210 1642
       +381 21 210 1642
mob: +381 64 8195 140


Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina was founded in 1974 as Radio Television of Novi Sad. Radio Novi Sad's first broadcast was on November 29th, 1949 and TV on November1974.

The Broadcasting Institution of Vojvodina, Radio-Television of Vojvodina, is now a Regional Public Service, producing and broadcasting regional programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on two TV channels, RTV1 and RTV2, and three radio channels, RNS1, RNS2 and RNS3. Programs are produced and broadcasted in 10 languages, including nine minority languages (Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Roma, Croatian, Macedonian and Bunjevac) and Serbian language.

Also, Radio-Television of Vojvodina owns a studio-concert hall, “Studio M”, which was officially opened in 1965. Numerous concerts took place here that covered a broad range of styles including classical music, jazz, ethnic, rock and more alternative sounds.

The RTV web portal www.rtv.rs delivers the latest breaking news and current top stories from Vojvodina and around the world covering politics, society, culture, and entertainment. Some of its features are live streaming, delayed viewing, and radio pod casts. RTV web portal also brings news in Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian and Ruthenian language. It was also the first - and until recently - the only one in Serbia to introduce a special service called "Read for Me" designed for the blind and visually impaired.

During the NATO bombing in the spring of 1999, the TV building and supporting facilities of Radio Television Novi Sad were almost completely destroyed so TV production is still in rented premises.