In times when things happen all online, it is both emotional and rewarding to receive real Awards for your excellence! Prix CIRCOM 2020 categories’ Winners and Commended received their awards and certificates by post.

The News Report category Winners from France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes enjoyed receiving the Prix CIRCOM award. The directors Sylvie Adam and Benjamin Metral and the editor Alain Gavin expressed their hope that next time the family of regional televisions in Europe will meet „without masks“ at the next Annual Conference.

In the News Programme category the InfoK special on coronavirus of CCMA Catalonia, Spain is Commended for the special news bulletin for children explaining how to stay safe and not catch „the new virus“. The authors of InfoK: Coronavirus Special have every reason to be proud of their excellent work, deservedly noticed and praised by the jury. On this picture of the InfoK team Núria Vilanova is showing the Commended Certificate

Info K photo

Rebecca Nyström of SVT Vast , Sweden, enjoys being Commended in the Most Original & Innovative category. To step in and be „a borrowed reporter“ might have been a challenge, to jump in to the Prix CIRCOM competition is nonetheless challenging, to receive accolades and acknowledgement by the colleagues is just – yes, happiness!

MOI commended rebecca

And the new Prix CIRCOM 2021 cycle has just began. Don’t miss it! Apply! The deadline to submit your entries is 19 March 2021.