Well, at the end of the day it is not the “All-COVID” year! Quality journalism, diverse and colourful audio-visual content are here - stronger than ever and reaching out to people with moving stories, touching mainstream news, as well as less visible aspects of life!


Recognition and appreciation go beyond the creative efforts of journalists, they serve people who trust investigative media and share their joys and sorrows, as Tarah Welsh puts it. Welsh, the BBC London TV news reporter, and the team who worked on the BBC London programme Unequal Force, are the Winner in the Investigative Journalism category.


The Commended in the same category – The Price of Duty (Pliktens Pris) of SVT Väst and Frida Björk also shared the recognition for the work with the (army) recruits who made this programme happen.


Thomas YSTRØM, the Winner in Video Journalism category, thanked his colleagues from NRK Rogaland, Norway, who helped him in his work. Well, maybe VJ is not such a lonely one-person long distance race as it seemed from the outside:)


Mirjana Rastović,  from RTV, Vojvodina, Serbia, made a really flamboyant “thank you for commending” the programme Dreaming and Interlacing (Snivanja i Preplitanja) in the Music and Arts category. And this gratitude was as picturesque and lavish as the programme itself.


We encourage other Prix CIRCOM 2021 Winners and Commended to share their feelings on winning the awards!