CIRCOM Executive Management Seminar
Budapest, March 8th – 11th 2005


Seminar for TV Youth Programme Makers
Paris, France
April 19th – 24th 2005


Television Journalism Workshop video n
Liverpool , UK
18th – 29th May 2005


Introduction to Video Journalism 1 & 2
Budapest, Hungary
24th - 29th October and 31st October - 5th November 2005

Newsroom Management Seminar  flag-fra
Strasbourg , 14th - 19th November 2005
This was the 6 th News Management Workshop held in Strasbourg. The 6 day seminar was available to all Circom Member Stations and aimed at those responsible for the decision making processes within a television news operation. During the course, delegates visited the European Institutions, the Parliament and the Council of Europe, and experienced first-hand the operations of these organisations. It was a perfect opportunity to make contacts and develop a cross-European network.
Seminar programme: flag-fra