Training and Developement in 2014


CIRCOM is pleased to announce it’s outline training programme for 2014. We are delighted to report that despite difficult economic times we are maintaining a comprehensive training and development programme for the benefit of our members in regional broadcasting.
As you will observe we are still offering our most popular training workshops such as Training for Trainers and the MoJo Workshop and as well as introducing some exciting new opportunities. During 2014 we will be providing a series of one day workshops that will bring together senior professionals to learn and discuss new issues and trends within their particular area of expertise. We are also establishing a new partnership with the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London giving access for our members to their 3 day Investigative Journalism Summer School. In partnership with the European Parliament we will be running two workshops in Brussels on election coverage and political reporting.
Full details of workshop content with dates and times will be provided as soon as the details have been finalised.
We look forward to your continuing support for CIRCOM training and development during 2014.


link_cubes_darkred European Parliament - "Election Coverage Workshop"
Brussels, Belgium
10th - 13th February 2014
A workshop supported by the European Parliament for senior political correspondents and political programme producers covering issues on the forthcoming European Elections.


link_cubes_darkred Traning the Trainers 
Bristol, UK
17th to 21st February 2014
A 5 day workshop for media professionals who wish to learn the skills necessary to become a trainer. 


link_cubes_darkred CIRCOM - ROOS Workshop on Social Media
13th March 2014, Ermelo, The Netherlands
The first in a series of exciting new CIRCOM Regional workshops specifically designed for our members in regional broadcasting.
Brief overview of the workshop by Blathnaid Healy


link_cubes_darkred CIRCOM-RTE-DKIT Workshop on Live Broadcasting

3rd April 2014, Dundalk, Ireland
One-day workshop on live broadcasting over 3G/4G networks, KA band and WiFi.


link_cubes_darkred  Mobile Journalism Workshop
Cavtat (near Dubrovnik), Croatia
2nd - 10th May 2014
A 5 day workshop (plus 3 day conference) which introduces delegates to the skills needed to become an effective MoJo – mobile journalist.


link_cubes_darkred Investigative Journalism summer school
London, UK
4th – 6th July 2014
CIRCOM have been able to secure a number of places for it’s members on the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s summer school (3 day course). Members will benefit from a reduced fee.


link_cubes_darkred Public service media - Between internal and external pressures
Ljubljana, Slovenia
12th - 14th June 2014
Third CIRCOM Regional Strategic workshop in 2014, aimed at senior managers.


link_cubes_darkred European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium
October 2014
This will be a 4 day follow up workshop on Election coverage, investigating how our coverage went and what we are doing now with regards to our new MEPs and European issues.


link_cubes_darkred The MoJo Challenge
Budapest, Hungary
October 2014
Possible opportunity for MoJo journalists. More information soon.


link_cubes_darkred CIRCOM Workshop
November  2014

Another in a series of high-end one-day workshops that will be relevant to senior professionals in our industry.
The subject matter will be notified to members in the near future. Dates may change..


Training Activities 1999 - 2013


CIRCOM Training and Developement activities from 1999 till 2013



About CIRCOM Training and Developement


Training in the skills needed for high-quality regional television has become one of CIRCOM's main activities. It began with a journalism workshop in Romania in 1994. Since then, there have been major international workshops for young journalists at every annual conference, and a growing number of other seminars and practical courses.

Support for TV stations in the "New Democracies" of central and eastern Europe has become a major priority for CIRCOM Regional, which was the first European television association to admit TV stations from these countries after the events of 1989. But with the digital revolution now bringing changes to the way all stations work, there is a need for every member-station to learn from others who are facing the same challenges.

Circom's network offers the unique advantage of bringing together TV professionals from all the regions of Europe, to share expertise, establish best practice, and compare programmes. The priorities for training are:


  • Journalism - which is fair, impartial, directly relevant to viewers, and attractive to watch.
  • New Technology - and how it can be used to make programmes better and efficient.
  • Management - how to encourage teamwork, creativity and competitive programmes on small budgets.
  • Production skills - for the most professional television
  • Diversity - codes of practice to ensure that the interests of all communities are served, promoting understanding and tolerance.


Over 800 journalists and television professionals have benefited directly from Circom Regional workshops and seminars since 1994. The courses are known for their very practical nature, with discussions mixed with many exercises using digital cameras and editing equipment.
New courses are regularly added to Circom’s training timetable with "Introduction to Video Journalism Workshops" proving to be very popular.  Future courses planned include "Training for Trainers".

The workshops are also known for the quality of the tutors, who are experienced practitioners from Circom member-stations across Europe, volunteering their time in the true spirit of Circom. All of the current trainers have been with Circom for over 10 years and they actively encourage and introduce new trainers into the "family" when practically possible. 





KAROL CIOMA, CIRCOM Training Project Manager  (UK)
karol ciomaKarol has been involved with and delivered CIRCOM Training courses for almost 20 years.  He specialises in editing, camerawork and video journalism training. He has delivered training in over 20 countries worldwide.  For the past 2 years he has been helping deliver Mobile Journalism training using smart phones for newsgathering operations.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mob: +447711731688
Office: +44 1286 871144

glen mulcahyIn 2009 Glen was the Production Development Manager with RTE News in Dublin. He is now Innovation Lead across all divisions in RTE. He is a pioneer of mobile journalism and his active blog site is the leading forum in Europe for the latest developments within MoJo working. Glen has a background in professional photography.

darko flajpanWorks as a full time television skills trainer at HRT, the public service broadcaster in Zagreb, Croatia. Before moving to Zagreb he was a multi-skilled camera operator, editor and journalist at the HRT regional centre in Bjelovar. He is a regular trainer on the CIRCOM’s MoJo and Video Journalism workshops. In 2010 Darko helped establish the new training centre for HRT.

john-Inge johansenWorks as a multi-skilled journalist for NRK Nordland, in Norway. His region is the Lofoten Islands within the Arctic Circle. He received a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Bodø, and studied as a teacher in science and technology at the University of Tromsø. He produces and edits news for TV, radio and the internet. He is a pioneer of MoJo technology and training.

didier desormeauxA senior reporter with the French regional network, France 3, Didier is “Docteur en Sciences d’Information”, and is Head of the Department of Information and Multisupport at the University for French Television in Paris. He is the author of several books on TV News, and has been a CIRCOM trainer since 1994.

Blathnaid HealyBlathnaid is a consultant, who works mainly with media organisations. She previously worked for, a startup focused on the Irish diaspora with an emphasis on online community. Prior to this, Healy worked for RTÉ, Ireland’s public service broadcaster, across its digital platforms. She graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in Chicago with a Masters of Science in Journalism.

sue breadsmoreSue worked for BBC television for over 25 years. In that time she worked as a researcher, in production and as a reporter and one of the main presenters of a daily regional news programme. She has extensive production, writing and coaching experience in television and radio. She is now a freelance trainer, broadcaster and consultant on projects. She holds a degree in English and Politics and a Masters Degree in Mass Communications.

mia costelloMia is a freelance journalist and trainer, specialising in editorial issues. She launched the BBC’s mandatory training programme for editorial leaders in 2009 and has since worked with media organisations from all over the world to develop bespoke training programmes. She has spent more than 20 years in the BBC, holding senior editorial roles in TV and Radio.

Mark works as a multi-skilled camera operator and picture editor for BBC Wales, filming and editing news and current affairs programmes. He is a valued member of the CIRCOM technical team and has worked with us in Poland, UK, Spain, Slovenia, Romania and the Netherlands.