ac2010_logoValletta, Malta, 6 - 8 May 2010

Dear Conference Participant,
As Chairman of Public Broadcasting Services Limited Malta it is my pleasure to welcome you for the 28th Annual CIRCOM Regional Conference.
It is also my honour to greet you to our charming island that although small in size, is rich in history and culture. Apart from Valletta, the capital city, Malta boasts six other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, collectively called ‘The Megalithic Temples of Malta’.
Over the days of the Conference you will have the opportunity to discuss The 2020 Vision: Decade of Decisions for Regional Television. The conference offers you a varied list of speakers, as well as a number of interesting workshops and presentations where we will be able to network together to gain new insights into the future of our profession.
I beleive that your experience in this event will be successful and hope that you leave Malta enlightened and empowered to manage the changes and challenges that you may encounter as broadcasters.
Joseph Mizzi, Chairman, PBS


Thursday, 6th May, Day of Challenges
Friday, 7th May, Day of Answers and Ideas
Saturday, 8th May, Day of Skills and Leadership




VENUE Grand Hotel Excelsior pps n










10 hot reasons to make sure you attend:

  • Malta – holiday and business island in the middle of the Mediterranean in the early summer sunshine with everything from Crusader castles and the Knights Templar to quiet beaches and towering cliffs.
  • A top class hotel venue in a harbour setting with excellent working areas, comfortable rooms, swimming pools, gymnasium and friendly staff.
  • Learn from plenary and workshop sessions with large screens, practical demonstrations and the opportunity to question and discuss on a range of key issues facing regional television.
  • Watch the best regional programmes in Europe and exchange your formats and ideas – to get new and proven programme ideas for your station which will attract and hold viewers.
  • Discuss programme ideas for co-production and co-operation with producers who have good ideas and resources available.
  • Join the “Ideas Bazaar” to offer and hear any number of bright new ways to cut costs and find new ways to do old tasks in the newsroom and in all programme making.
  • Network with producers and executives in regional television to create your own database of keen and efficient tv contacts throughout Europe and with colleagues from the southern Mediterranean to broaden your contacts and learn about tv in a different culture.
  • Enjoy a glittering gala show on a warm evening outdoors beside a Mediterranean yacht harbour and applaud the winners of the Prix Circom Regional awards.
  • Meet the young people who will be the producers and executives of tomorrow on the Circom conference training scheme – and find out how they plan to bring fresh impetus to regional broadcasting in the coming decade.
  • Have your say on how Circom Regional must change to help you tackle the challenges you face in your region in the next decade in the fight to beat off the competition.